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update date : 2021-01-22

The staff includes 1 director (concurrent teacher), 2 group leaders (concurrent teacher), 2 postdoctoral researchers, and 1 technician and administrative assistant.

At present, a total of 18 teachers from the three schools participate in the academic research work of the center.


Center for Environmental Sustainability and Human Health

  • Environmental Monitoring and Inspection Group
  1. Conferences for domestic and foreign technical exchanges
  2. Cooperate with Southeast Asian countries to cultivate environmental microanalysis talents through training courses
  3. Conduct technology promotion and industry-academia cooperation with the government and industry
  4. Provide industry consulting and guidance on emerging pollutant analysis technology
  5. Provide service on emerging pollutant measurement


  • Emerging pollutants and Health Effects Group
  1. Air quality monitoring and microanalysis technology
  2. Water regeneration and circular economy
  3. Big data analysis in environmental monitoring applications
  4. Exposure risk assessment and health promotion
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