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History & Purpose

update date : 2021-01-22

In recent years, with increasing environmental awareness, people have paid attention to issues such as climate change, air quality, drinking water safety and exposure to emerging pollutants.Due to the lack of long-term research data related to local environmental concerns, the environmental issues are easily misunderstood.Therefore, Ming Chi University of Technology cooperates with Chang Gung University and Chang Gung University of Science and Technology to establish the " Center for Environmental Sustainability and Human Health " The center will perform research on emerging environmental issues in Taiwan and propose solutions to promote sustainable development in environment.

The development of this research center includes:(1) Air quality monitoring and micranalysis technology; (2) Water regeneration and circular economy; (3) Big data analysis in environmental monitoring applications; (4) Exposure risk assessment and health promotion. In terms of air quality monitoring and microanalysis technology, the center will develop technology in green chemical analysis and advanced technology in environmental monitoring, and improve the analytical and detection capabilities of trace substances in the environment.With regard to water regeneration and circular economy, we will develop novalmaterials for water resource treatment technology as well as valuable and precious metal recycling technology to achieve the goal of sustainable use of resources.Besides, Long-term monitoring and analysis of PM2.5 components will be addressed using big data analysis. We will build a database of specific PM 2.5 event and use environmental forensic technology to trace the possible sources of specific events.At the same time, as to exposure risk assessment and health promotion, cytotoxicity tests will be conducted on Taiwan's local concerned chemical substances to understand their exposure risks and potential effects on human health.

This center combines the research resources of Ming Chi University of Technology, Chang Gung University and Chang Gung University of Science and Technology in the fields of environmental science, material science, public health and environmental medicine to form a series of upstream, midstream and downstream technologies, and participates in Industry-academia cooperation programs to enhance corporate social responsibility and industrial economic competitiveness.The initial investment is about 56 million to build five laboratories: (1) Inorganic Analysis Laboratory‘ (2) Organic Analysis Laboratory, (3) Pretreatment Laboratory, (4) Biological Analysis Laboratory and (5) Physical Analysis Laboratory, around 80 square feet in total.The equipment purchased by the center will provide the research team to develop environmental trace analysis technology, to establish data analysis and environmental identification technology, to achieve source reduction and prevention and to reduce environmental burden.

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